Bravos (purulent necrosis, diarrhoea and dull coat)



Hello Mrs Zintl,
Hello, dear Anifit team,

As you know, we had enormous difficulties with his eating behaviour after Bravo's release after 4 years in kennels, and we tried several types of food, all of which were rejected, until we got to know Anifit. After initial difficulties, we now have a dog who has developed a ravenous appetite. There is no longer any trace of diarrhoea, his coat is no longer dull and the purulent necroses have completely receded. He has become more energetic and behaves like a puppy. "After all, he has 4 years to catch up on". If we left him alone, he could eat an 800g tin of Pops, salmon oil and so on three times a day. Picco Train is absolutely fantastic, his ears open, there's no sign of blocked ear canals and now he follows our every word. We won't be able to make up for the four bad years, but thanks to Anifit we will be able to shape a happy and healthy future. We hope that Bravos will also live to be 19 like our old dog.

I wish you and Anifit much success for the benefit of all animals that are allowed to live healthy and happy lives.

You also saved Bravo's life and we thank you and Anifit for that.

Here's to continued good co-operation with you and Anifit

With kind regards

Fiedhelm and Petra Kuhlen

and bravos

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